Rising from the soil

Some time ago I sat listening to friends around the table at a restaurant reading their fortunes to each other, ‘hmm’ing and ‘ahhh’ing, then adding ‘in bed’ and giggling. When I read mine I felt compelled to add ‘because of zombies’ instead.

Aside from getting odd looks and an uncertain chuckle, I found it far more amusing and rewarding. It worked better. It made more sense. And I could see a story behind it. With quite a few fortunes ‘in bed’ and other similar addendums simply do not work. Because of Zombies has a lower fail rate. Higher laugh rate. Much greater inspiration rate and is generally a lot more fun.

I will add to this blog as I get more fortunes. That is to say, it will be sporadic so don’t expect something daily, weekly or even monthly (how I wish I could afford sushi every day…). I enjoy writing them and hope others find it as entertaining as I do to see what happens because of zombies.

About becauseofzombies

I am odd. Those who look forward to a potential zombie apocalypse may not think so... but most people will still agree it is odd to add the phrase '...because of zombies' to the end of a fortune cookie's fortune then daydream a story around it. It is as compulsive a need to me as eating warm flesh is to zombies.
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