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I am odd. Those who look forward to a potential zombie apocalypse may not think so... but most people will still agree it is odd to add the phrase '...because of zombies' to the end of a fortune cookie's fortune then daydream a story around it. It is as compulsive a need to me as eating warm flesh is to zombies.

You will bring sunshine into someone’s life because of zombies.

Four days of hell. Lyssa carefully peeked out of the curtains and tightened her grip on the machete. An excellent upgrade from the pistol that ran out of ammo two days ago and the baseball bat that replaced it. The … Continue reading

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Much more grows in the garden than what which is planted there because of zombies

‘Just me, the dirt and the flowers’ Rosemary smiled as she took a deep breath and pulled another weed. She loved the smell of sun and soil, her refuge from the storms of life. Her beautiful garden surrounded the house … Continue reading

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Rising from the soil

Some time ago I sat listening to friends around the table at a restaurant reading their fortunes to each other, ‘hmm’ing and ‘ahhh’ing, then adding ‘in bed’ and giggling. When I read mine I felt compelled to add ‘because of … Continue reading

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